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Andrew Panel Antenna

We have now a stock of Andrew Panel Antenna with two Models which is DB856DG65EXY and LBX-6515DS-VTM and it’s ready for imnmediate delivery.

Ericsson AXE APZ Available

Our stock for second hand Ericsson AXE APZ is increasing and we now offer Ericsson APZ 212 30, APZ 212 33, and APZ 212 55 equipment. We supply full APZ cabinets, magazines, and spare cards. Ready for immediate delivery.

Network Expansion for 2G/3G Networks

2G/3G  extensive growth of data traffic in accelerating challenge for mobile operators. In order to remain successful, operators need to answer to the changing conditions with great speed. Telcomstar offers a cost-effective way to customize GSM/3G mobile networks using refurbished equipment for.

Product Details

  • We supply large quantities of 2G/3G BTS, BSC, RNC, and CORE equipment.
  • All equipment is supplied with 6-months warranty.
  • We will deliver to any continent, to any country, by sea or by air.
  • 2G Equipment is available for 900 MHz and 1800 MHz networks.
  • 3G Equipment is available for 2100 MHz networks.

Network Expansion

Increasing capacity and coverage requirements demand telecom operators to extensively customize their network configurations in a cell-by-cell manner.

Telcomstar offers a cheaper way to tackle these challenges.

Our services range from pure equipment delivery to turnkey solutions.

We have strong experience in network expansion planning and installation services.



Telcomstar is a new supplier of second-hand telecom equipment. Partner network connected with new markets and new sources of equipment allows us to serve all kinds of networks. We are specialized in wireless 2G/3G networks.

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