GSM Base Stations (2G BTS)

Ericsson 2G/GSM Base Stations

Ericsson RBS 2216

Ericsson RBS 2116

Ericsson RBS 2206

Ericsson RBS 2106

Ericsson RBS 2207

Ericsson RBS 2202

Ericsson RBS 6201

Ericsson RBS 6202

Nokia 2G/GSM Base Stations

Nokia Ultrasite Indoor

Nokia Ultrasite Outdoor

Nokia Intratalk

ZTE ZXSDR 2G/GSM Base Stations

ZXSDR BS8800 GU360 900/1800MHz

ZXSDR BS8800 GU360 900/1800/2100MHz

ZXSDR BS8900 GU360 900/1800MHz

The GSM Base Stations are available for immediate delivery with 6-months warranty. All Base Stations will have a custom configuration based on customer requirements. Mass customization cell-by-cell level is possible.

Separate 2G modules we offer

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