The Infocom Network Node

This is the perfect solution to providing local nodes to CCTV and IP network in areas with fluctuating local electric power. The nodes are cascaded on fiber optics cables allowing support over great distance and still providing support for the CAT6 applications nearby the node location.

Efficient extension of the network

The Infocom Network Node fits unobtrusively in any environment and does not need a cabinet or rack. Often installed above the ceiling line or in service ducts and risers, it is rated to operate in temperatures as high as 60 degrees Celcius. The high rated power system reduces heat generated by the unit preventing fire. The Network Node can tolerate fluctuating power environments, while guaranteeing steady 48 V output on the POE switch ports.

The Network Node may be extended using Fiber Optic cables. It is the idea solution for CCTV and for Wi-Fi Network in extended facilities.

  • Extended CCTV and Wi-Fi networks deployed quickly

  • Industrial grade switching platform

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The Network Node

The Infocom Network Node is a standalone powered IP switching solution This very robust unit connects to the locally available alternating-current supply, but ensures that there is a very reliable and steady 48V supply to the switching and POE functions.

Products for wide range of telecom applications

  • Many accessories available in new condition

  • Spare parts for older product lines

  • Availability of bulk quantities based on network improvements

  • The history of the items are known to Telcomstar

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  • Shipping to all countries

Extending IP Solutions

The power supplies and switch modules in the Network Node are industrial grade, ensuring reliability in use and capable of robust support in challenging environments.